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I'm not aware of it. If it does, please lock/delete

Personally I would like to see the BDA come to a "gentlemen's agreement" on how to distribute firmwares on discs, a quick 2-month negotiation I guess, and then studios would be able to distribute digitally signed firmwares on commercial discs. Unfortunately existing players would need to distribute a firmware to enable this, and I don't know if the firmwares are crypted at the moment.

But then the user experience would be:
  1. Disney finds a bug the BD-J game on the PotC:AWE disc they're working on
  2. They go to Samsung and say "we're pretty sure this is your bug"
  3. Samsung finds a fix and packages it up
  4. When owners of the affected player play the disc for the first time, it sniffs the model and firmware (maybe needs BD+?) and tells you that you need to update.
  5. You're happy.

This is prompted by all the less-than happy people who needed an update to watch PotC, and in particular one locked thread.
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