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Don't know if this is in right place, so feel free to have a mod move it.

I currently am in the process of setting up a setup where I have windows server 2012 running with Next PVR, Centon 6 Channel tuner, and Plex Media server. From there I want to use XBMC useing the Next PVR plugin as the live tv front end. I thought I would just load up a Raspberry Pi with XBMC, but then I saw that a Rasberry Pi only runs at 30fps. I was wondering if it makes a difference for sports because it is only running at 30fps (I heard that cable televisions max is 60fps) . Also how does HZ fit into the equation (would it just add more filler Frames).

Also I have a mix between 120hz tv and 240hz tv's.

One last question does anyone know if next pvr has a max fps/hz transfer rate.

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