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Two years ago I had an Onkyo SR706 and this one has 5 or 7 band EQ; but I sold it. I can't remember exactly how many bands they have. I just want to know if new models like 508 and 708 have this kind of band EQ.

Also; while seeing a movie or hearing music; can you adjust Bass/Treble and Subwoofer decibels?

I have a Marantz SR6003; sounds phenomenal; way way WAY! better than my Denon 789; but I have a 3D TV and I need to upgrade for an Onkyo 508 or to 708 if I sell my Marantz. Too bad I cant afford Marantz SR6005; maybe SR5005. not Denons; I prefer the sound from Onkyos than Denon when I compared it with my Marantz. I have all 3 receivers in my house and did testing with all receivers using the same equipment I have.

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