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for info: http://www.kaleidescape.com/

I currently own an hd-dvd player, but am neutral to both formats. The only reason I have not bought a BD player is because Im not confident on the ones currently available. I am thinking of holding out until the new samsung comes out because the the HQV, but something caught my attention on the pioneer player.

I don't feel like reading every post in the owners thread to find an answer to my quick question, so here it goes:

according to Pioneers website:

With Pioneer's Elite® BDP-HD1 Blu-ray Disc® Player, you can sit back and enjoy those movies in high-definition* streamed through your existing home network. After all, you paid for those films, you should be able to enjoy them on your home theater system. Just look for the PlaysForSure logo at online stores to ensure that the movies you purchase or rent will be compatible with your player.

Does this mean I could copy my sddvd's to my PC and stream them across the network to the bd player, or is this ONLY for home videos and downloaded content?

In other words, would this work like a kaleidascope system or is that asking for too much? If it does, that is an amazing selling point and I would have to jump immediately.



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From what I saw at CES, I would interpret that as a Blu-Ray player bundled with a Media Center Extender. If you have a/v content served up by Windows Media Connect (and/or MediaCenter Edition), you can view that content over the network via the player.

Certainly not a Kaleidescape... At least not from a legal/works-easy/functions-always type of deal. :) If you want to decrypt/rip/organize your SD-DVDs, then yes, you can browse the files and view them. Getting that to "browse by DVD cover art and press play" - much bigger deal...

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