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Does Samsung have any new sets for 2008?

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Just wondering if sammy has new models coming out to replace the 71/81 series?
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Only to replace 71 series.

Series 6 will be out on March while Series 7 will be out in May. So far, no MSRP yet so just have to wait on that. Maybe Samsung will announce MSRP, at least for Series 6, next month. Both series will have 40", 46", & 52".
Do you what the improvements are on the 71 series. My brother-in-law has the 4671 and the picture is awesome. I'm torn between this and a pio kuro. although an improved 71 could be the ticket.
Here's the press release about those two series from Samsung (on displayed at this year CES).

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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