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Hi. I purchased a pair of Sunfire TS-EQ10 s.

Bought them used , accompanied only by power cords. They are on their way, I should get them by the end of next week. They were a part of a 22 million dollars estate sale.

I currently have a Sunfire HRS-10, which does not have a calibration microphone. So, I dont know if this microphone is a must-have, meaning that previous owners calibrated them in some 10,000 square feet home theater and I will be using them in a small office so they will not somehow sound good. Does a sub retain this calibration information in some memory chip inside? If so, I need to buy a mic myself. They are not that expensive, $30 on Ebay. But if the subs do not retain this info from the calibration microphones, I dont really need it, do I? All I have to do is just to connect them to the AVR and use them like I am the first buyer.

Another question arises if I do need the mic. How do I calibrate 2 subs? One at a time? Then I need two mics. How do I make sure they dont cancel each other's bass out - place them far apart? Adjust phase differently? What do I calibrate first - the AVR or the subs?

So many questions with these subs! I am probably just overthinking this.
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