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does the Direct TV DVR have an input for a OTA?

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my new tv has no tuner and directv does not offer local channels in my area so i was wondering if the directv dvr receiver has an input/tuner for ota channels? i know the directv hd receiver does, but does the dvr receiver?
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It does but is only a "pass thru" feature.

In other words if you use the DVR's modulator to send D* images to your tv via "channel 3" you can run your antenna or cable feed the D* box and then watch D* or use the tuner on you TV to watch OTA.

Since you say your TV has no tuner (what kind of tv has no tuner??) this will not help you.

My advice, get a cheap VCR.
directv does not offer local channels in my area
Since you don't post your location, it makes it difficult for us to help. A lot of people in your situation "move" to a near-by city that has locals from DirecTV.

the commercial panasonic plasmas are monitors and have no internal tuners. i thought we would get the Dish Network for our satellite servic but they came today and could not get a clear line of sight. the Dish Network offers local channels, but directv does not. i am in charleston, sc. the dish guy said that he thought directv would work at my location. if i new this before hand, i would have bought the consumer panasonic which comes with an internal tuner. the tuner in the vcr is horrible. can anyone help?
DirecTV will offer your locals VERY soon. can't you just hold on or subscibe to super basic "lifeline" analog cable?
DirecTV will be offering your locals on November 9. It will require a second dish to receive them pointed at 72.5. There are some more details here:
thank you much! i love this site!
Oh, boy. A separate satellite. Just when you thought you had your multiswitch configuration working... :eek:
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