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I was wondering if the Pioneer VSX-1019AH would switch inputs if there was only one active (HDMI) source.

Example: The device is on Input 2 but I decide to play games on Input 1, will it auto switch over when I turn on the source? That would be nice

Also, I've heard that it auto-shuts off after a certain time period of no signal, can someone confirm this and tell me if that time period is configurable? I'm hoping this is a "smart" shutdown and not just a dumb sleep timer.

The reason I'm asking is that with the little bit of switching I hope to be doing between the xbox360 and the ps3 (both HDMI) can be automated by signal detection. Also, the shutting off based on no signal (like my panasonic plasma) so it's a low maintenance setup after initial configuration!

Thanks for your help I attempted to search the manual for this information but came up with nothing. I also looked at the suggested threads before posting (neat feature btw).

I hope I didn't create an unnecessary thread.
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