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Does the receiver I want exist?

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Hello all,

I'm starting to plan to purchase a new receiver this summer and I am struggling to make sure that what I want actually exists, here's my main criteria....

1) under $2000, preferably between $1000-$1500

2) true "level 6 receiver" with the ability to fully decode or receive already decoded versions of all audio formats

3) At least 3 (and maybe even 4) 1.3a HDMI inputs (only 1 output necessary)

4) Full upconversion to HDMI 1080p60 for all resolutions and input types (composite, component, etc.) except 1080p24 (pass through untouched)

5) Ethernet port or wireless for firmware updates

Maybe I'm asking a lot, but can anybody point the way to a receiver that meets all these specs, or if not, what is the closest I can get?

Thanks for your help with all this!


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I believe both the Denon 3808ci and the Yamaha RX-V1800 do this. (and anything hirer up in there product line. I think the Onkyo 705 does it also but I'm not sure about the ethernet port I think you might have to go up to the 805 or even the 905 for that.
The Yamaha RXV-1800 does not have Ethernet port. The RXV-3800 has one, but I'm not sure whether its costs more than 1500 bucks or not.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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