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I just got TT and have WinDVD. I watched Original Sin (beautiful cimamatography, hot bodies...totally unbelevable plot) and it looked right on WinDVD, but looked stretched wider on TT.

The letterbox bars above and below were thicker with TT and the faces looked somewhat fatter. I couldn't find any way to fix it with the aspect ratio and video adjustments.


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Hi Jeff:

___Insert a DVD and begin the playback. Use the Hot-Key “Ctrl – E†to get to your overlay AR adjustments. A small blue outline will show up at the borders. You can now begin to adjust the overlay’s AR to match the screen as necessary and/or keep the original AR in tact.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes

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OK I did what you said and it worked. I'm still not quite sure why its different in the first place. Both WinDVD and TT leave black bars top and bottom...but TT's makes peoples faces fatter as if its not correct.

I definetely need to call Imersive.

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If you are using a non 16x9 resolution, in the aspect ratio control box, you should uncheck "keep aspect ratio", select the format you want to adjust...16x9, 4x3, LBX or 16x9 P&S...and adjust accordingly.

May I suggest you read the TT manual from the CD, page 27, which describes how to use the Aspect Ratio controller.

Here's a snip:

The Aspect Ratio Controller is a very powerful feature of

TheaterTek DVD and incorporates technology that allows dynamic

switching of aspect ratios as the DVD plays.

Depending on your projector and screen configuration, you may

need to set up a variety of aspect ratios using the editor.

The good part is that this is typically a one-time setup, and then

associating a particular Aspect Ratio (AR) with a DVD is a single

button press.

To activate the Aspect Ratio Editor, a DVD must be playing and

be at a position where pausing playback is allowed. Press the appropri-ate

button on your remote or keyboard to activate the editor.

The Editor window is divided into three basic sections:

· The Aspect Ratio list

· The Controls

· The definition buttons

The Current Aspect Ratio

When the editor is invoked, the current running aspect ratio on the

DVD is highlighted in green in the list. DVD’s contain flags, which

identify at any given time, the current aspect ratio and settings. The first

four aspect ratios on the list correspond to these flags.

The dynamic switching occurs as these flags are detected on the

DVD, and TheaterTek DVD will automatically adjust the screen

dimensions to match the defined settings for these aspect ratios.

Initial Setup

When you first run TheaterTek DVD, it will be necessary to define

these four AR’s to match your screen and projector characteristics.

To do this, you will need a handful of DVD’s that contain flags for

the four master AR’s.

Play each DVD, and at various points, particularly during intros

and menus, activate the Editor and verify the AR in use by seeing which

one is highlighted in the AR list.

Click on the highlighted AR.

IMPORTANT: If you do not click on the highlighted AR, any

changes you make will apply to the DVD, and not to the global setting


Now, using the buttons in the editor, adjust the image to fit your

screen. Note that a blue outline appears around the outside of the video

area to aid in placement. When the image is correctly positioned and

sized, press the Save button.

Repeat the above instructions using a variety of DVD’s until all

four master AR’s have been defined.

If you are using an anamorphic lens, or have a display with non

square pixels (or a non 16x9 resolution), you will need to toggle the Aspect Ratio Lock to allow

the image to be stretched or compressed vertically.

Testing your initial ARâ„¢s

Now that the four master AR’s have been defined, they can be

tested by playing various DVD’s. You should notice that as the play-back

changes from a 4:3 intro, to a 16:9 menu or main feature, your

defined AR’s will automatically adjust the video to match your screen.

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Jeff, it's not as complicated as it seems.

You should definitely start with the manual, print the appropriate pages if necessary, then folllow step by step.

It's most improtant to have the four separate aspect ratios of four separate DVD's on nintial setup. This will get the player locked in(afer your adjustments) to the most common ratios used when it sees the flag on the DVD. You'll still get the occasional 'small' menu' syndrome, but this, I think, has something to do with the fact that all menus don't have a flag that TT can read to keep the size of the image enlarged to fullscreen.

Hope this helps.

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