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Dolby Digital help: Samsung DVD-1080P7 to Pioneer VSX-516

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I'm having a problem getting Dolby Digital sound from my DVD player. I have the Samsung hooked to the Pioneer via digital coaxial cable. When playing a movie, the digital label shows up on my AVR. However, the signal is only digital, not Dolby Digital which is a separate label. I've checked the DVD disc menu to make sure it is DD 5.1 mode. The AVR is on the DVD/LD input source. I have a DVD 5.1 input source, but when I switch to it I get no sound. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here?
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Not sure if you've solved this. To get Dolby Digital over Coax the output must be set from PCM to Bitstream in the Audio Setup menu.

Digital Out

- PCM : Converts to PCM(2CH) audio.

- Bitstream : Outputs Dolby Digital via digital output.

Select Bitstream when connecting to a Dolby Digital Decoder.


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