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hey guys,

i've been lurking here for a while now, i finally registered

and got my act together. i'm starting to build a new system, and

i'm looking to do this right. the paradigms are in the bag already,

they're ordered just waiting for them to come. (monitor 9, cc290,

adp 390, ps-1000) the only thing that is blowing my mind now

is receiver choice.

i've pretty much narrowed it down to the marantz sr7001, and

i'll be teaming it up with a PS3 for blu-ray. will the marantz support

dolby HD and DTS HD/master soundtracks? from what i can understand,

the PS3 will decode the codecs for the lossless soundtrack, transfer

it to the reciever via HDMI, bypass the dolby/DTS processors in the

reciever and then to the amp, then to the speakers.

i've been reading all the threads in the forums trying to make sense

of all this, but i think i've been inputting too much information. all the

local retailers are pretty much useless when it comes to getting a

straight answer.

i would consider myself moderately knowledgeable when it comes

to this stuff, but this i'm not 100% sure. should i wait for the next

generation of marantz's to come out? or the onkyo SR805? i just

don't want to get burned, pick this up and then find out it's not

going to work.



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The PS3 will do the Dobly Digital HD/TrueHD and DTS HD (potentially DTS Master in a future firmware installment) and send it as uncompressed PCM to your receiver for amplification. Additionally, many BD discs have a dedicated PCM track which your receiver will be able to amplify.
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