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dolby recommends surrounds -2db in surround mode?

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Anyone ever heard of this??

Hi I may have found something. since I have a small room does this mean I have a nearfield surround system? If so dolby says I should balance my rears down 2db lower than the mains. If this is true I should have my rears at -2db lower when balancing with the rest of the system.


The below figure A is the reference level for each of the five speakers (so each speaker level is the same), but keep in mind that Dolby recommends that if you are using a nearfield surround system in a small room, you might get better results by calibrating the surround speakers (the rear speakers) 2dB less than the front speakers to compensate for the room.


Program Reference Level

Film Sound 85dB SPL

Television 79 " "

Music 79 - 82 "

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Not sure exactly which Dolby info you are citing, but it sounds familiar in that we do recommend this offset in calibration for mixing suites in small spaces such as production trucks. Otherwise they tend to mix the surrounds a little too softly. It is not what we recommend for home users, though.
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