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Do's and Don'ts of In-Wall Speaker Installs

By Jessica Camerato
Wisdom Audio offers tips on perfecting in-wall speaker installs.

High-quality audio is meant to be heard, not seen. But often times a bulky speaker system can be a distraction from the sound.

As a result, customers often sacrifice quality for the sake of appearance.

"It's not that they don't care about audio anymore, it's just that they've kind of moved on aesthetically," says Jon Herron, VP of sales at Wisdom Audio. "If they could have their cake and eat it too, that would be great.

"But if it's a choice between the appearance of the home that they've already purchased and the performance of the system that some installer is proposing, guess which one wins? It's not that hard to figure out."

Getting Started

Herron says prior to installing an in-wall speaker system, it is important to verify the solidity of the structure. Wisdom Audio's floorstanding speakers get down to 40Hz, while its in-wall subwoofers can go to 20Hz and below.

"Because speakers do real bass, if you can, you need to make sure the wall is reasonably solid. If it's a poorly built or flimsily built wall, the wall itself is going to be shaking; that's not going to help the performance," says Herron.

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