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Dose anyone knowhere I can find or get a full list of discrete codes?

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I found a list of discrete codes for my Sanyo HDTV, but I would like some more. Does anyone know where I can find a full list, or at least a decent size list of the codes for my tv? Thank you in advance.
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remote central is a good place to start. Some manufacturers have good documentation on their web site.
As cukbesys said, remote central is an excellent resource. Any codes you find there will likely be pronto hex. So you'll need some special software to convert it to EFCs (the kind of code you can manually enter into the type of remote you have). I got the sanyo code I gave you for pix shape from HERE . You need to install and learn how to use the Remote Master program from that site and it's associated config files to view the codes. But I can tell you there aren't that many discretes for sanyo. There's discrete off and a few factory service codes. Is there any command in particular you're looking for?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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