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Double panamorph?

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Hi all,

I was noticing some of the 16:9 projector owners were using a panamorph or similar to stretch to Scope (2.35:1) screen size. The stretch from 16:9 to 2.35:1 is apparently similar to 4:3 to 16:9.

Could D-ILA owners put 2 panamorph or ISCO lenses in sequence to achieve 2.35:1 , or would this introduce too much distortion given that there is already some barrelling with one anamorph?

Could one combine a vertical compression lense with a horizontal stretch lense to cancel the barreling artifact or would they be additive artifacts rather than canceling?

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Ive tried this but the aperture is not large enough on ether lens.

If your projector had a really long throw lens this may work.

There are also Panamorph lenses that go all the way from 4:3 to 2.35:1. No cancelling of the effects that way, though. Alan sold me his, but I won't be able to try it for a week or two on my SX21. I'm not sure if I'll keep it, but figured it would be fun to play around with. It does require a long throw from what I understand, though.

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Thanks guys,

My projector is the G1500M with the fixed 1.5 throw. Do you know if this is too short to use the 2.35:1, and for that matter can the 4:3 to 16:9 panamorph be used at this throw effectively?


1.5 is a short throw.

There is the Jumbo Panamorph also. I wonder if that placed in front of the panamorph would be a possible winner.

Do you currently have a panamorph?

No, I just bought the projector and don't have it yet. The throw is OK for my theater (same as CRT) but it sounds like the anamorphic lenses may be an issue.

I am looking at the install as somewhat temporary with new technology in the 1080p range looking good within the fairly short future. With this in mind, I suppose it might make more sense to stick with a regular lense that can be in turn used to bump 16:9 to 2.35:1 in the future.


I tried to PM you back but your mail was full. I'll try again later.

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