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Down to the last minute

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I have been given the duty of choosing a new TV for a close friend of mine by saturday and I have narrowed it down to the following three TVs. He is limited to a 36" wide space, so that is why the choices are so slim.

1. Panasonic 32HL44

2. Toshiba 34HF84

3. Toshiba 34HFX84

4. Sony 32HS420.

I have read good and bad reviews on the Toshiba and Sony but I haven't really heard much on the Panasonic. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions you guys have to offer. The majority of his TV watching is broadcast/cable, and he watches a few DVDs. As we all know our TV habits can change once we have the right TV, but as of now that is all he watches. He expects the TV to last a long time 6-10 years. I told him that widescreen is great, but right now he would have to stretch the image and it isn't really definite when all programming would be widescreen let alone HD. Thanks again.

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How about a 32" flatscreen SD tv, sounds about right for your viewing requirements, and is very affordable.
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