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Is there a way for the WD Live Hub to play the audio on a DDTrueHD audio file in an MKV file? I have several rips of my blu-rays with just this audio format and when played on the Hub, I get no audio. I was hoping it would downmix the sound to stereo (which I have set in the setup). Any other way to do this WITHOUT re-ripping or changing the initial MKV file?

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The only thing you can do is convert to lossless Flac audio that will preserve the audio quality and also allow the Live Hub to downmix to stereo.

The developer of MakeMKV has said Flac conversion is coming but no ETA.

If you want to do it manually the best but also slowest method is to use Staxrip;

Use "just mux" profile for video, then create a Flac preset
* codec = Flac

* encoder = automatic

* channels = 1 (Mono) - ignore the text label this converts the audio channels as is so TrueHD 7.1 comes out as Flac 7.1

* Sample rate = original

* Under advanced de-select the downconvert to 16-bit

Staxrip will preserve all video, subtitles and chapter data from the original mkv file and just convert the audio into Flac.
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