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I have a Denon AVR with 7.1 channels that has DPLIIX but not DPLIIZ. I also have an Onkyo AVR with 7.1 channels and both DPLIIX and DPLIIZ but cannot mix both at the same time for 9.1 amplified channels.

If I use the Denon as the main amp, using it's DPLIIX decoder, together with the Onkyo (for DPLIIZ decoding), which setup is more advisable?

(a) Dual connections to source (digital to Denon, stereo analog to Onkyo); 7.1 decoding with Denon; source stereo analogs to Onkyo, only height speakers connected;

(b) Digital to Denon from source; pre-LS and pre-RS out from Denon to Onkyo analog L/R; all 8 speakers used on Denon speaker connectors, only two speakers used on Onkyo (LH/RH);

(c) Same as above but using the Denon's pre L/R instead of the Denon's pre LS/RS to Onkyo's analog L/R inputs;

(d) other, explain.

Thank you in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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