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Anyone have opinions on the Draper ClearSound White Weave X900E ? I'm considering something in the 130"+ range 2.35 cinemascope acoustically Transparent. Maybe manual panels for 16:9 content

I am considering a JVC X500R 4K Projector in a dedicated theater. The projector will be about 18' from the screen but the first row is close at about 11'; overall room dimensions 18' 7" long x 17' 2" Wide.

I'm considering a curved screen because I hope to add a lens setup in the future and like the immersion of the curved screen (I know there will be some minor "barreling" until I have an A lens but I'm not sure how bad it is).

I'm open to other suggestions but I do have a bit of a "hook-up" for Draper products.

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