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Draper Premier / Series C question

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I'm about to pull the trigger on a projector and screen; I'm going with the Sanyo Z2 and am targeting a Draper Premier (Series C) Hi-Def Grey manual screen. I was going to get a 'Widescreen' 99" one (which I assume is 1.85:1 ?) but realized I'll also be using it not only for movies but also for gaming which is mostly 1.78:1 ... so am leaning toward a 106" 'HDTV' screen (which I assume is the correct aspect ratio). Either one seems to be doable in my setup, given I'm going to ceiling-mount the projector at a distance of 12-13 feet.

So ... are my assumptions about the aspect ratio correct? Does anyone have suggestions for a different screen? Does the size seem appropriate for the Z2? I'm going with the Hi-Def Grey per a suggestion at projectorcentral.com and the possibility of there being reflection off the white ceiling in the room. Thanks for any feedback.
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I too have been looking at the Draper Premier screen.

I also started a conversation with a sales contact and he recommended the Da-Lite Model C. In order to protect the screen, I would likely get the Da-Lite with the Controlled Screen Return (CSR).

I'm looking 54x96, 58x104, or 65x116.

I would very much like any people's comments on the two screens.
Guess no one has any opinions. :) FYI, I went with a Draper M1300 (not hi-def grey) Premier screen at 92" diagonal (HDTV aspect ratio). I went with a smaller screen based on room size. This seems like the best choice when taking into account the wall it's on and the distance to viewer.

I'll be sure to post my results when I get everything set up. I probably won't get the screen until the end of the month, but the Z2 arrives tomorrow!
I am looking forward to your opinion post when you get a chance. I have decided that (due to my room configuration) I will be going with the 65"x116" screen. I have the space and because I want to move my projector back as far as possible, I need to choose the larger screen.
Well, my screen finally arrived yesterday and I got to work installing it. It took more effort than I thought it would - had to go to Home Depot for a rather long 2x4 piece of wood to mount the screen to. (I don't trust toggle bolts holding the screen in my ceiling.)

Anyway, I finally got it up and I'm extremely happy with the picture. The Z2 needed almost no calibration out of the box. I'm probably most impressed with the colors. Very rich, but not oversaturated. Good black levels from the few test movies I've popped in so far. My wife was even impressed, and she wasn't thrilled with my projection / screen idea at first.

The projector is roughly 10' from the screen, so the 92" picture that is thrown is right in the middle of the Z2's zoom range. A lot of money for the screen, but I'm happy with it. Best of all, it disappears when not in use!
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Isn't the Premier C the tensioned crank screen? How awkward is it to

crank up and down? I noticed that it has a standard 12" drop. Is there

any kind of a adjustable stop so you can stop the screen in the same

place when you crank it down? How many times do you have to crank

it to lower and raise it? I'm very interested in this screen because it seems

to be a good alternative to the more expensive motorized screens.
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Yep, it's a manual crank. I haven't counted the number of cranks yet, but I'll probably do that soon to make things easier. I only use a couple of inches of the 12" black drop at the top because the ceiling isn't that high. There's no settable stop, unfortunately, but so far I've just kept a measuring tape handy to confirm the distance from bottom of screen to floor after lowering.

Do electric screens have an auto-stop feature, or do they drop all the way automatically? Either way, the manual cranking isn't too hard to get used to (goes down a bit easier than retracting), and so far the picture quality has been outstanding for the few times we've used it.
I have the same situation, my ceiling is just a little over 7' and would only be using 3" to 4" of drop. I'm also looking at the M1300 material to use with my crt projector.

I know that the Dalite Cosmopolitan electric tensioned screen that I was checking out has the stop preset at the factory but are adjustable so you can stop it where you want it. The spec sheet for the premier electric says that it has preset accessible limit switches and the installation manual tells you how to adjust them so it stops where you want it to.

AS I said before I think the Premier C is a good alternative to the $1500+

tensioned electric screens and I'm surprised that they aren't more popular

on the forum. From the info I have found on the M1300 material it sounds like a pretty good choice and the gain is actually 1.3 and not 1.0 . For some reason they decided to change the gain from what it used to be (1.3), but it is the same material as before, they just changed the way they measure

gain for the material. I read it was for marketing reasons, but I would think

1.3 would sell more screens than 1.0
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