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hey everyone

this subwoofer was great when it came out but i got a bit bored of it.

my polk psw110 was basically tied with it in performance

so i decided to mod it a little bit

i got a pioneer ts-w303c driver and put it in the box. it sounded great apart from the air leaks. so i waited a week with the old driver back in for some glue but i remembered i had no money. and also i played war of the worlds and the old driver died
it suddenly stopped working with some help ;p. i cant help but to play that movie loud and watch the driver go nuts

anyways the driver died and i used the gasket from it to line the front of the dream box. i also used some big ass screws to hold it down.

now its at least 5 kg's heavier. so now it weights around 30 kg's.

but i still was craving more depth. so i shoved some rolled up socks in the ports. AHA its now deeper and alot sharper.

anyway stop reading and look at the pics

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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