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I finished my DIY projection screen with the help of the instructions on this forum with great results.

But I have a problem with connecting my dreambox to my projector and the lcd tv with a switch. I tried this with both a scart and component switch box (simple switches without power). But the result is the same; after connecting lcd with a component cable, when I connect the component to vga (d-sub) cable from my projector the color and brightness is reduced slightly on the lcd (with 1.5 meter component cable) and at a very high level on the projector (with 5 meter component to vga cable). No matter in which order I plug the cables from the projector to the switch this happens when the green is plugged in. But when I plug out the green cable going to the LCD I have great picture on the projector.

Component switch box supports two outputs and does not cause any problem in two component cable connections to 2 lcd's at the same time. This only happens with the component to vga cable.

Can this be a result of a weak signal or is it related with how component vga cables are wired?

Any ideas on how I can solve this problem will be appreciated greatly.
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