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Driveway sensor and Kustom 6640?

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I have a Kustom 6640 (which I love) and would like to connect a driveway sensor to one of its doorbell inputs.

Could someone recommend a driveway sensor that’ll work well with the Kustom and maybe explain how to connect the two.

Thanks in advance!
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Does anyone have an idea on this?
I have never used the Kustom product before but I see from page 5 in the manual that you can attach from your front or rear doorbell contacts as the input that will mute the speakers and apply an internal chime different for front or back door.

Any driveway product will have contact closure outputs to attach on these Kustom terminals.

Even an outdoor IR sensor like X-10 will have a contact closure available.

Sorry but never used any driveway product before. A good start for answers might be an alarm installer. Anybody out there?
There are basically two types of driveway sensors:

1. The least expensive uses a motion sensor similar to the found on those automatic floodlights or an infrared beam like those which set off a chime when you enter a store.

2. The more expensive type uses a probe which is burried under or beside the driveway and is triggered only by cars ( or any metal object like a bike ) . This is closer to the commercial type used at the drive thru at Mc Donalds.

What's nice about this type is that animals, blowing leaves, etc. won't set it off. You can also buy this one as a directional sensor using two probes. Why? When a car drives in you want the chime to ring, lights to come on etc. But, when you leave for work in the morning you DON'T want the chime to wake everyone, or lights to come on. Or maybe you want your automatic gates to open whenever someone leaves.

I used type 2 and it has a contact closure, some of the type 1 do also .

Check this site:
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Thanks for the information guys. I'm looking at a Cartel CTCP2 self contained sensor which according to Worthington provides a dry closure (not sure what that is) and they say the Kustom won't be able to trigger off that.

The Kustom 6640 manual describes its doorbell input as this:

This input takes the signal from the contact closure from the front doorbell transformer. When engaged, the source signal mutes and a distinctive chime (on board) plays through the speakers. It will even play through zone speakers that aren't on unless locked out.

Can someone explain what a dry closure is and how it differs from the input the Kustom expects. According to Worthington I can make it work by using an X10 powerflash but I wanted to make sure this was necessary before buying.
A dry contact closure means a short like a pushbutton or relay. There is no voltage or current involved. Maybe the Kustom is looking to see a low voltage applied to the terminals. Contact Kustom and see what they say.
Ahh, OK. If the Kustom can trigger off of a try contact closure I should be able to trigger it by hand by sticking each end of a single wire into the doorbell terminals, is that right?
The driveway sensor that I used can output a dry contact and/or a 12 volt output which should cover just about any situation. It's made by a company called Sure Action. I'm not sure if the Cartel does this. Keep in mind that sometime in the future you may want this driveway sensor to interface with home automation, lighting, automatic gates etc. and each may require dry contact or 12 volt so it's best to have both.
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