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Dry joint on Nec10PG

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Hi guys

I have a dry joint on the blue BNC input on my NEC10PG. During recent ISF calibration it was noticed that there was strange ringing / twittering effects on blue only and moving the connector gently stops them.

Now my question is to someone in the know, how easy is it to get to the input board on the 10's, the unit is ceiling mounted.

Thanks in advance for any help:)
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Easy to get to, you remove the power supply cover front plastic (where the power cord is) there are two side screws also that holds the cover then a few small screws at the top edge. Behind that is the input board held in place by a few machine screws. Unplug the connections and remove the board. Usually you will find a broken solder joint from shipping or impact. Also check that its not the cable connector itself. Doug

Someone else out there has a 10PG.

I have found, like Doug Says, the connector is the problem. Where the little center pin goes in gets stretched out of shape, you need to take a needle nose plyers and squeeze it.

Fantastic chaps thanks :)

Yep i know of 3 people with 10PG's now, you, me and Oliver Klohs :cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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