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Drywall work

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Although doing drywall is not what I do for a living now I have in the past. There are lots of questions here about drywall and certainly lots of advice given.

I would like to direct your attention to the following sites so that you can get a good idea on how the experts do drywall and mud. It has helped me re-familiarize and update my knowledge on drywalling and might help you.

This site is really good with lots of questions similar to what I read here. It's also a rather active site so you don't have long to wait for answers.


This site has good information and the guy sells a book and a dvd that will help those of us that need visual stimulation.


This site isn't quite as active but there's lots of good information there. Your questions may take longer to get answers though.


Bottom line is when you do construction it's really important that you research your project at as much as you do buying your equipment. It will make a world of difference in the finished product.
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The order page from http://www.thatdrywallguy.com/ seems to be http, not https. I wouldn't enter my credit card over that.
You can find it at secure sites.
The order page from http://www.thatdrywallguy.com/ is now https, as of yesterday I think.
I ordered the DVD from http://www.thatdrywallguy.com/ , and I watched it yesterday.

It's about an hour long. The first half is how to put the drywall up, the second half is how to mud and tape.

I think I learned something new about every three minutes in the first half hour -- constantly saying to myself "yep, that's a much better way than the way I would have done it." and "well, if you do it that way it's easy." I didn't know you could get drywall in 16' lengths.

In the second half hour I don't think I learned much about technique (I've done mud and tape twice before - count em, two out of three coats, that's almost a wall! I'm very experienced. :rolleyes: ), but some of the tools were neat. I liked the walk bench with the extendable feet.

The ending was amusing. Something like "Occasionally on a job site after you've finished a hallway someone moves lumber and it goes right through a perfectly finished wall, like this. [javelin like SMASH, result a 8" x 2" hole] Here's how we fix things like that."

I'll probably watch it again before I drywall.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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