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Hey Folks, I'm looking to get one of the hand held gaming units. Anyone have any opinions on the PSP vs the DS? Pros/cons? Anyone actually have both? Just looking for some direction. Thanks!
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DS Thousands of titles with backward compatability, batter life ~16 hours, good online playability, decent quality wireless web browsing.

PSP Brick. ~4 hours battery life, graphics not so great (even for a handheld) UMD movies have gone the way of the Dodo.

DS FTW. Correction, DS LITE.

Originally Posted by YoniX /forum/post/14107819

DS Thousands of titles with backward compatability, batter life ~16 hours, good online playability, decent quality wireless web browsing.

PSP Brick. ~4 hours battery life, graphics not so great (even for a handheld) UMD movies have gone the way of the Dodo.

DS FTW. Correction, DS LITE.

Difference between DS and DS Lite?
This was the first result for my "DS vs DS lite" google search.


The bottom line is that the lite is a huge step forward and is the model you would want if purchasing.
Definitely get the Lite over the "phat" (original) version, unless you really, really need to save the cash (in which case, maybe you shouldn't be buying a portable games system). Switching to the Lite from the original is literally a night and day difference, like coming out of a cave into a sunny field and taking off your sunglasses. Better form factor and (this isn't open for argument) looks much cooler, too. Not to mention much easier to find at this point.

And though I personally think the DS is a superior games machine, I wouldn't totally count the PSP out either. Seems to have a better selection of sports and fighting games, if you're into that sort of thing.
I have had a DS lite since they came out and recently picked up a PSP slim so let me give you my opinion. DS has tons of easy pick up games, wide variety, and you can still play gameboy games. Battery lasts an extremely long time, graphics are N64 quality. PSP has a good amount of games but not as varied, wifi is good for some basic internet browsing (which I use pretty often) very capable music/movie player, remote play with a PS3 is great, battery life is rather short compared to DS, graphics are close to PS2. Right now I can't say which I like more, since the PSP is new i am using it more where as I have gotten bored of my DS but I still play it every once in a while (still gotta beat Zelda phantom hourglass).

Originally Posted by Eayes /forum/post/14107745

Hey Folks, I'm looking to get one of the hand held gaming units. Anyone have any opinions on the PSP vs the DS? Pros/cons? Anyone actually have both? Just looking for some direction. Thanks!

I've owned both for a few years.Neither have been played much recently,and I've found that I'm not very often in a position where I can play either for any extended time period,sort of making the need to have two handhelds unnecessary but it's nice to have choice.Anyways:

It really depends on your gaming tastes. The DS is very comparable to the Wii: a library of lots of quick,quirky games based around a different(some say gimmicky,some say innovative) control scheme,with some heavy hitters thrown in like Mario,Zelda,and Metroid games.If you're a Nintendo fan,you more or less know what to expect.It's a pure gaming machine out of the box,no other capabilities but to play games.I believe there is some interactivity with the Wii,but as far as I know it's limited to downloading demos on the Wii and transfering them to the DS.If I'm wrong someone please correct me.

The PSP is the 'PS3' in this comparison: Cutting edge graphics(for a handheld),lots of different capabilities including playing games,listening to music,watching movies via either UMD disks or ripping movies to a memory stick,wireless internet surfing.It's a jack of all trades,master of none.It's a Sony device so it has the playstation staples: God of War,Socom, Ratchet and Clank,Jak and Daxter(well Daxter anyways), and other games you'd associate with playstation.In every way,it's a portable playstation.I think the most accurate description is that it is a portable PS2,as the graphics are comparable.Also some connectivity/interactivity with the PS3,including downloading PSP demos on the PS3 and transferring them to the PSP,and the ability to operate the PS3 main screen from the PSP.Anything else,someone please fill in the blanks.

It depends on your tastes. I like both,but if I HAD to get rid of one,it would likely be the DS,as I like the PSP's multimedia capability and versatility.I've been in an airport for hours and the PSP has entertained me in more ways than the DS,because it has greater functionality.But again,it's a matter of preference.Do you want to play Mario,Zelda,and Metroid,and quirky minigames,or do you want to play miniature versions of PS2 games?
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It depends on what you want. Due to the touch screen of the DS games tend to be more on the gimmicky side. PSP games tend to be a bit on the more "grown-up" side and are generally of PS2 quality in terms of audio and graphics.
As others have said, it depends on the games you like. On the DS, some games treat the touch screen as a glorified button (a la Zelda), and others use it to make a truly phenomenal game (like Soul Bubbles). Puzzle games are generally much more playable on the DS, in particular games like Super Collapse, sudoku, crosswords, or the Bejeweled variants. There is also a ton of crap software aimed at young kids or extremely casual gamers, but there are enough good and great games on the system that it's not really a problem.

On the PSP you get, for the most part, portable PS1/PS2 games. There are a few unique gems, like LocoRoco and Patapon, but those are definitely few and far between. You also get a pretty capable video player and a good, albeit quite bulky, music player.

The DS is much easier to get homebrew up and running on, but because of its limited RAM and CPU you don't have quite as good of an emulation system compared to the PSP. You'll definitely find more and better emulators for the PSP.
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In terms of long term wear and tear: My PSP's analog nub cover evenutally fell off, but it's still usable (if somewhat uncomfortable). My DS's screen touchscreen eventually stopped responding to input and unfortunately it's no longer usable for gaming that needs it.
Between me and my girl we have owned 1 PSP, bought a couple months after launch. We have about 15 games for it, 2 unopened, and total the machine has had maybe 50 hours of play on it. In short, the thing is a flaming pile of crap.

In comparison, we have owned a total of 5 DS's. We had an original DS, got two white DS Lites when they debuted, and recently upgraded to new colors. We have about 45 games for the system, with each person spending at least 500 hours on each device. DS Lite for the win.
I don't have a DS but I have owned a PSP for a few months. In my experience, it's a very versatile and moderately powerful little piece of hardware, but I don't find it particularly comfortable for playing games for extended periods.

Playing with the analog nub can be difficult as it isn't that comfortable or precise. The size and length of the PSP also makes it a little awkward to hold when playing certain games. I also find that a lot of PSP games can be somewhat complicated to play as they use all the buttons on the device and some of the button combinations (like using the nub to steer and the shoulder button for boost in Burnout or the analog nub to move and the D-Pad to strafe in Ratchet) can be tricky to use and remember. I've actually gotten more mileage out of compilation UMDs (like the Sega Genesis Collection) as the older style games have simpler control schemes. Lastly, most new PSP games sell for $30-$40 when first released and I think that's a little bit high; no handheld game is worth more than $20-$25 in my opinion.

So, if you're looking for a handheld that does more than just play games, the PSP is definitely worth a look. But if you just want games be aware that it does have some potential pitfalls.
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The PSP is an excellent multimedia device first, decent games system second. The DS is purely a game device and an excellent one at that.

Graphics: The PSP is nearly the equivalent of a handheld PS2, while the DS is a little more powerful than a Nintendo 64. Both can do 3D, but the PSP is hands-down more powerful. The DS has a few nice 3D games, like Metroid Prime Hunters, but they don't even come close to a game like God of War:CoO for the PSP.

Screens: The PSP has a lovely large screen that is excellent for watching video, while the DS has two separate screens of lower resolution.

Case: The PSP has a glossy, exposed surface that is easily marked with dirt and fingerprints and every PSP owner I know immediately buys a case for it. The DS folds in a clam-shell design and has no need for one.

Controls: The DS is generally more ergonomic than the PSP's nub. Most DS games feature multiple control methods, while many PSP games feature compromises to it's controller design. (since much of the PSPs library consists of PS2 games designed with two analog sticks, this can be problematic).

Usage: The DS has excellent battery life compared to the PSP. The PSP has multimedia features that the DS cannot match...regretfully, the iPod Touch CAN, which is why all my friends who bought PSPs tend to play on the DS and do everything else on an iPod, instead.

Software: The PSP's library, while not anemic, features a LOT of PS2 ports. The problem is that most of them are direct ports with little difference from the original game. The controls of the PSP often suffer from the translation, and many of these games weren't designed for a 'travel' style of gaming (i.e. for playing in short bursts or interrupted periods). The DS library is much larger, though there is a large number of titles for younger players. However, that doesn't mean there isn't support for more hardcore players...in fact, the DS is the home of some of the best 2D games in the last decade, such as the Castlevania games and Contra 4. The DS also has a huge library of RPGs, especially the well-done 'reimagining' of Final Fantasy III and IV. Also, the DS can play GBA cartridges, which is kind of nice, too.

Online: The PSP wins this hands-down. The DS support for wireless is adequate, but anemic...a common Nintendo trait. The PSP allows for much better online experiences. Both have some capacity to connect to their 'big brothers', but Sony's support in this area is much stronger...if you have a PS3. However, the DS has some great 'local wireless' features, and many games support multiplayer on the local level very well (from the old Pokemon match to playing Contra 4 cooperatively).

My personal recommendation would be to see what kind of games you like and how much you're willing to spend. I personally think the DS is better for what I want to play, and have four in our house. I play mine daily on the train. Current games: Apollo Justice, Warhammer 40000 and Contra 4. But make sure you get the DS-Lite, not the DS. It's better in almost every way. And if memory serves, the Guitar Hero On Tour bundle for the DS comes out on Sunday.
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I had first a PSP - and I sold it very quickly as there were no real good games for it (at the time).

I got a DS then a DS Lite - and I really enjoyed the many creative games.

Recently I bought a new PSP (Lite), and I am amazed by the graphics it can provide (for example in the game God of War). I also really like titles like Grand Theft Auto (graphics are not as good, but game is great), Lumines II, Burnout etc. With an upgraded battery (about $30 to add to the price of the unit) I get 6-12 hours of gaming time (6 hours with God of War, 12 with Lumines). I can also hook it up to an HDTV to see the games or videos on the large screen - that may be useful one day. ALso, the buttons are better on the PSP Lite than they were on the original PSP.

Comparing the two units:

- DS has more games, but most are made for kids. My wife prefers the DS.

- PSP has much better graphics (on a larger screen), more mature oriented (complex) games and is better for movies. It also can do internet browsing. There are some really creative games for it (Patapon as an example) but clearly less than for the DS

If I had to sell one, which one would I sell? I would keep the PSP, my wife would keep the DS.
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I have the PSP "lite" and we bought a DS Lite for our daughter for her birthday a few months ago. I would echo what others have said in that the PSP has better graphics, a much nicer quality screen, and way more multimedia features. With the recent update it now has internet radio as an option and I use that quite a bit. I think its web browser is pretty disappointing (in comparison the Wii web browser is much easier to use), but online play with some games is pretty good. UMD movies look excellent on it, but in my experience ripping DVDs to a memory stick results in lower picture quality. Even when you opt for the highest quality available, which use a lot of memory, they don't look as good as a UMD film, though they're still decent.

The DS is mostly just a gaming machine, but the selection is better in my opinion. I think Contra 4 is a real masterpiece, and there are other classics like Metroid Prime Hunters.

If I had to choose one, I guess it would be the PSP, but the DS has more children's games and a better overall selection for most people. The graphics are clearly better on the PSP, and even look superior to the PS2 graphics in some ways (probably because the screen is small). The DS graphics are still nice though and you can play Gameboy Advance games as well. I mostly wish the PSP library would start growing, but there never seems to be many games I can get excited about. I love several of the compilations of older games like the Sega Genesis Collection, EA Replay (Road Rash is a blast) and the Capcom collection. These are perfect for portable play.
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You should know that if you add a flash card to the DS, you can run homebrew code on it which turns it into an MP3 player, movie player, and ebook reader of the first order. I'm extremely happy with mine. Love the games, love the multimedia capabilities.
I don't see how the Lite is so much better than the original. I bought my DS back in 2006 so it's the original one. To me the screen is plenty bright and it fits easily in my hands. The Lite doesn't seem any brighter and the smaller size is difficult for me to hold and still use.
The ergonomics I can give you (I gots the tiny hands), but I'm sorry, even the lowest brightness setting on the Lite is significantly brighter than the screen on the original. It's at least twice as bright, and the highest setting could easily kill a vampire. The original's screen may be good enough for you, but I don't see how anyone could say the Lite's screen isn't noticeably brighter, if not outright superior overall.
Have been a PSP owner for almost 3 years - same one, and it started with version 1.5 of the firmware.

If you take good care of it, buy a good case, screen protector, it will last you several years.

Furthermore, I highly recommend you google the homebrew community on PSP. Install a custom firmware over and you'll appreciate the flexibility that a 2GB card will give you for games and such. Look up Dark Alex.

Only recommend this if you're technical. Also, I rip all my DVDs to a home server, which then rip to my PSP to watch using DVDFab Platinum. The entire system is very flexible, lots to do both in the video and gaming side using custom firmwares.

Bottom line: If you're technical, capable of install custom firmware updates, then PSP is the way to go.
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Just got a 16 GB Memory stick for my PSP: now I have tons of space for games, videos etc., and using a custom firmware the video quality I get is the same than what UMD discs offer
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