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I'll use DScaler 4.1.6 for a while and it gives much better video than the software included with the capture card.

But there is a strange thing. Maybe someone knows what I can do about it.


* AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor running at 1800 Mhz

* MSI KT3 Ultra 2 motherboard (MS-6380E)

* Hauppauge WinTV PCI capture card

* Hercules Prophet 3D 9000 Pro 128 Mb (ATI Radeon chipset) videocard

I use the temporal noise filter set to 50.

I use auto pulldown, auto video detection and judder termination

Besides this configuration (I have tried many settings in DScaler on and off) I always can detect the following artifact:

When there is a horizontal movement from camera viewpoint (left to right or otherwise - f.e. football match) the TV image picture is too slow and blurry. No natural movement in my opinion. With vertical movement (f.e. at the end of a movie) it's OK.

What is the cause?

* A faulty setting in DScaler

* A faulty setting in my control panel for my videocard

* just a bad video card

* bad capture card

* to slow processor

* normal behavior

* something else

I like to here some comment here.

Thanks already

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I have the same problem. The picture looks great with low noise but any horizontal pans ruins the picture. I'm forced to use the S-Video into my 42 ED Panny plasma and live with the noise to avoid the pan problems. I'm not dropping any frames at all, and it doesn't matter what filters or deinterlace settings I use. I have also tried the faster (older) Tomsmocomp. I thought I would have the horsepower to run this. I've fiddled with all of the settings (no filters, no judder, lower/higher pixel width, etc) and can't solve this. I think this is a common setup and it must be working for someone else. What else can I do? I've searched here and the DScaler website and came up empty. Help!

2.53 GHZ Pentium 4

P4PE with 1 Gig Crucial Memory

Radeon 9500 Pro

X-Capture in Blue Magic Slot


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