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I am fiddling with dScaler to try and understand it. I suppose this question involves Powerstrip as well (or the lack of it).

My display is 1024x768 and can handle up to 120htz. I am not even sure powerstrip is needed here.

My goal is to have a 16:9 display and have 4:3 material displayed inside of that 16:9 window with bars on the side.

I have a few variables I need to sort out.

My display is 4:3 (1024x768) but has a 16:9 mode. I use this mode mostly and currently stretch my 4:3 material mostly because the 4:3 screensize is so large (I am not going to be zooming) and the projector cannot display 4:3 in a window.

I have had mixed success with various settings. The most successful seems to be:

Set the projector to 16:9 mode

Set dScaler to a 1.78 display device

Switch between anamorphic material for widescreen and 4:3 which displays properly in the window in the middle.

My questions:

Does this make sense - am I doing the sanest way or is there a better quality way to do it?

What resolution should I set up in Powerstrip? I have been using 1024x768 and Video material is handled properly, but when the display is from the PC it is squished into a 16:9 window and distorted. Should I be telling the video card to use a 16:9 resolution (I tried 1024x576 but it didn't look quite right) or that the monitor (the projector) is 16:9 - if that is the case, I am not sure how to do it - there is no monitor driver for my projector.

Little lost right now, but willing to dig and learn.


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