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Dscaler vs MCE image quality

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So, on the quest for a PC that can play everything well, I have analog cable, and digital OTA playing great in MCE on a 6600 with purevideo decoders. The only remaining issue is random analog sources I may want to connect such as video cameras or gaming consoles.

I have a Playstation 2 connected over composite right now. If I treat it as a "satellite" connection in MCE, it will show up and look acceptable. Of course due to the pvr latency it's unplayable.

Next I tried dscaler, which is supposed to have decent deinterlacing, but the results were terrible. There was a general roughness on the edges, as well as a lot of interlacing corruption in the chroma, in composite and tuner sources.

Is nvidia's deinterlacer that much better than dscaler, or does the hardware encoding step on the pvr (which dscaler skips) add to the quality? What are you guys doing for these sources?

I'm going to try s-video connections to see if it improves, but the video I'm seeing suffers from a lot more than just YC separation errors.

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What did you have turned on for deinterlacing? You can also play with the misc filters and tweak the picture out quite a bit. Also keep in mind that dscaler is using the video overlay and that may be introducing misc artifacts and color differences vs MCE's use of VMR9. I would definately switch over to svideo input, and perhaps set dscaler to tomsmocomp2? Its been a while since I have looked at dscaler, play with the different routines till you find something acceptable.

That being said, I actually have one of those H3DII cards from Immersive setup with MCE for handling all my misc sources (added to start menu to launch the external holo3d application). I am feeding it with a dtivo (mce only handles ota hd), ps2 (YPbPr), and a Panasonic RP82 via SDI (for those days when I am sick of futzing around with software players not working right). Works well for me.

Thanks for the reply.

I did have it set to TomsMocomp2. In fact I actually toggled through all of them and found some interesting results. Even with a bob deinterlacer, I was seeing chroma comb-like artifacts. I'm not used to dealing with analog video, so I have no idea what's causing this. The filters help a nice bit, but nothing really fixes this awful deinterlacing.

I've tried dscaler, vlc, and wintv2000 (or whatever comes with the wintv cards); none of them compare to quality MCE provides. I tried building MCE's playback graph in graphedit, but wasn't able to mimic it. I could build a graph similar to dscaler's though, and got the same poor quality.

That holo3d card looks awesome. I've been looking for a component input solution. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to look a little longer for an affordable component solution ;)
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