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I'm moving into a new house in a couple weeks and trying to figure out the best way to route video. I'd appreciate someone checking my work to see if I am doing things as efficiently as possible.

Here are the details. It's a 2 story and already wired with 2 RG-6 and 2 Cat-5 to each room.

At most, we would be watching 3 different channels at once.

Rooms with tv's: master, media, living, kitchen, office, guest bedroom.

I want the master bedroom, living room and media room to be able to view independent channels. The kitchen, office, and guest bedroom can run off any of the independent rooms.

I have a 3 lnb dish, Directv tivo with dual tuners (planning on putting in the master bedroom) and a HD box (will go in the media room). I plan on buying another standard box for the downstairs living room.

I will have at least 2 other tv's where I'd like to be able to watch tv (office, kitchen, probably add another tv in guest bedroom).

I can add coax upstairs pretty easy but downstairs (living room) is another story. I'm pretty much limited to the 2 feeds already there. (unless i want/need to drill outside and run the cable up the side of the house) :(

I don't know if I should modulate the signals or just split them up for the additional tv's. I currently use the rf out on the tivo and run it to my bedroom. It seems to work fine on a 27" tv.

Is there a disadvantage to using the rf out on the tivo or the other DSS receivers, then running that to the main panel, then splitting that signal to go to the additional tv's?

Also, what kind of splitter is best or needed to simply split the rf out from a sat receiver to multiple tv's?

My thinking is to run 2 coax from the dish direct to the Tivo (2 new runs which I would add to the master). Then run one feed from the rf out of the tivo to the control panel for dist. (using the existing wiring)

1 feed from the dish to the HD box in the media room. I could use the rf out for this receiver to go back to the control panel.

1 feed from the dish to the living room DSS receiver. I'll have to use a coupler in the control panel for this feed since I can't go direct. I'd use the rf out of this receiver also on the second RG-6, back to the control panel.

THis would give me 2-3 "IN" feeds at the control panel for dist. to the additional tv's (kitchen, office, guest bedroom).

It would be nice if there were a way to use the Tivo signal in the living room, but I'm out of RG-6 runs the way I have it laid out. As it is now, we mostly watch tivo in the bedroom at night. I'm not sure if we would use tivo's features in the living room at the new house but would like to figure out a way to have the option should our habits change when we get into the house. I suppose I could use the 2nd rg-6 to bring the tivo rf signal in from the control panel, instead of using the 2nd rg-6 as an outbound feed.

Any thoughts or idea's are appreciated.
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