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DTC-100 $249 bay area

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I was at Good Guys @ Hillsdale + El Camino yesterday (San Mateo) and they had an open box DTC-100 for $249. It's the ProVideo model (i.e. grey not black case.) I've got one already and don't need another. There was only one there so it may be gone already (it was there @ 4PM).

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man wish I lived there or knew some in the area, I really could use one of those at that price.

CC by Northtown in Blaine had one open box dtc-100

the price was about $300. and something sorry I forgot.

They will include a new HU card.

Give them a call.

In the past I have had no problems getting them to move

some on the price of open box stuff

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thanks jerry,

that being just 2 minites -- from my house my roommate just left to pick it up as I'm disabled and can not get out as esaily. thanks for the info.

Good Guys, San Mateo, this morning... Got it for $199 (no remote, no access card -- I have an access card and a remote from an unused RCA though :) ).


San Francisco, Circuit City on Van Ness

I just saw another open box (on demo shelf)

DTC100 there yesterday for $229.


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