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Thanks for all the informative posts regarding HDTV reception problems

set-up etc. Your knowledge and expertise has been most helpful.

I still have a reception problem and a couple of issues with the DTC-100 I've read about here that I'm not still clear on.

I receive two OTA DTV stations one at bearing 68 degree's 18-1/2 Mi.

(channel 59 CBS) the other bearing 275 degrees at 45 Mi.(channel 7 ABC). I have had STB in place about ten weeks. Channel 7 came in

when I first set up but I hand entered number. Later did a channel search. Then I lost channel 7. After reading posts where it was suggested to do another search I did and when I scrolled to it in

antenna strength column it came in at about 70 strength. Then thursday night I couldn't get channel again. Should I do a channel search with antenna unhooked and hand enter only the stations that I want?

Also another potential problem is I have an analog channel 7 at about

90 degrees. I can't pick it up, but it is possibly interferring with the digital channel. I could not get channel 59 at all even at 18 Mi except on an indoor Terk. After I read thread on channel search and re-mapping I did that and there it was 59 at 6-1! Why do you disable banner for your analog and digital stations?

I am currently using a rooftop winegard combo with pre-amp that

is abour ten years old. I am planning on putting up a 35' tower next to house to get antenna, cable, and dish's off roof which will also give me added height. I have the CM remote control rotor (great) and after

all the posts will probably go with CM antenna (s). Would it be best to install seperate VHF-UHF (bowtie) and is a pre-amp needed. Transmitters vary from 8-Mi to 45 Mi.I also looked into Antenna Performance line of antenna's. I have a GS2000 that I probably won't even use if I go to tower unit. Any help with the receiver, and antenna/preamp questions would be greatly appreciated.




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