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DTC100 for $200 or E86 for $400 incl antenna?

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Found a DTC100 open box a CC for $200 but have to buy a $110 2 LNB HD sat antenna, and Magnolia has the E86 with a 3LNB smaller new HD antenna included for $90 more (after the disliked rebate). Since I want primarily OTA (after the year signup with D* in either case), I'm not sure based on the survey of posts in the last month if either has an advantage.

I am in the close suburbs of Seattle with several sub 15mile HD stations. This will be running a 503cmx with a vga and component inputs, so the input cabling is not an issue. They both have optical digital inputs and similar 1080i. Are either one more sensitive, faster, quieter, or? Comments have been made about a fan in the DTC100 and it is quiet in this receiver; someone indicated soft? SD images in the E86???

Also is there an advantage to a dish with 3 LNBs? Magnolia salesman stated "gets all 3 sattelites"? So whats missing with those hundreds of 2LNB dishes?

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I have helped a friend connect his Mits-Hr400 (I think same as the E86) to the 503CMX. It worked great very easy to use and great remote. I think with $400 for receiver + 3 lnb dish is reasonable.

You should get the 3 lnb dish cause you will be able to get the 3 direct tv sats
Floydo - what is Magnolia? Is $400 for the E86 good? I have just started looking into receivers and want to get something with a great price, otherwise, I would probably just hold off (I am kind of cheap).

Also, the DTC100 for $200 sounds to be a great deal as well. I will have to start calling some CCs around to see if they have open boxes.

Magnolia Hi Fi and Stereo is a chain that started in the Seattle area. I believe they are in Ca. now.


I finally went for the Dell deal. Look at your 503 report on pixels to read mine. Thx for the help!
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