Whole-home audio is a hot segment in the Hi-Fi industry; systems promising a seamless listening experience are plentiful. In this competitive, but lucrative sector, DTS offers a platform that's been adopted by various big-name manufacturers.

The latest additions to the Play-Fi ecosystem bring the total number of hardware choices with the feature to 30. Here is a list of the new partners and the products they offer:

MartinLogan has the Crescendo X ($1000) and Bravado ($700) wireless speakers, Motion Vision X five-channel soundbar ($1700) and Forte ($600) two-channel amp. These products will be available before the year is out. Meanwhile, McIntosh Laboratories offers the MB50 Media Streamer, which will be shown at CEDIA 2015 (which takes place next week in Dallas, TX). The MB50 will be available in Q4 2015.

Paradigm plans to ship the PW 600 ($600) and PW 800 ($800) speakers, and the PW AMP ($500) amplifier in Q4 2015. A PW Link ($350) pre-amp with HDMI and ARC will be available early 2016.

Definitive Technology is already shipping the W Studio Microbar multi-room soundbar ($900). Polk 's contribution consists of Omni S6 high-performance wireless speakers ($350) that are now available, and Wren Sound Systems has the Compact V3US wireless speaker, available in standard ($400) and as a portable, battery-powered speaker ($449)—it is going to be available in January 2016

Furthermore, Arcam —a UK-based audio company—will be developing Play-Fi products in the coming months.

The announcement goes beyond just hardware. It brings high-quality streaming music into the mix with support for Tidal Hi-Fi, which is integrated into DTS Play-Fi mobile apps. According to the press release, Tidal currently has one million subscribers in 45 countries who will be able to stream CD-quality with Play-Fi, from a 35 million-song selection.

The news doesn't stop there. Now Play-Fi offers multi-room capabilities with Spotify Connect. Spotify Premium subscribers gain the ability to set up two or more Play-Fi speakers as a group, such as “Downstairs” or “Outside,” and stream to that group.

In my opinion, one of the most exciting new DTS Play-Fi features is A/V synchronization with Windows PCs. DTS Play-Fi now supports true A/V sync when streaming a video source to a Play-Fi speaker from a Windows PC. According to DTS, "Play-Fi is the only multi-room streaming platform to offer lip-sync accurate synchronization with a video source, and the only whole-home platform with operating system-level integration compatible with every application and streaming service." The feature is available to owners of a premium  Play-Fi HD Driver  license ($15).