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DTS CD with Revo 7.1

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I've been looking, and tried the possibilites:

WinAmp 2.9 with plug in


Neither worked for me.

How can I play a DTS CD through the Revo 7.1 via the optical output to my preamp???

I don't want to rip it first, then play the WAV files, I just want to play it.

Is there a way?
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When I had my REVO installed (I have a MadDog now) the only player that worked passing the DTS-ES to my receiver from a music CD was Win DVD. (NDVD and TheaterTek would not play them)
Hmm. I have TheaterTek and have no problem passing DTS-ES to my receiver via the coax optical on my Revo 7.1.

You can play DTS CD audio by using the Kernel Streaming plugin for Winamp 2xx.

Do a search in this forum (HTPC) for a link to the download.
I'm a little confused. I thought the Revo didn't have any optical outputs.

Doesn't it just have digital coax out?

I use the MAudio Delta Dio 2496 to output optically to my preamp.

I've tested Foobar with Kernel Streaming, and Media Center with ASIO, and both play DTS encoded WAVs.

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I meant to say I had could pass the music cd with DTS on thedigital coax out. You are right the revo has no optical and thats why I purchased the maddog 8 channel

Re theatertek and NDVD - I also can play DTS-ES DVDs with these players. Its just that only WindDVD will play a music CD with DTS-ES on it for me.
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