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I was just wondering who had heard the new discrete dts?

It seems like only Denon owners have heard this new format.

It seems like 6.1 is a good idea even for small rooms. It just bothers be when I open the new gladiator signature and the options are DTS-ES and DD. Which one would you pick, all of us who have heard SPR and other DTS titles know that there is a difference.

The question seems to be if DOLBY EX or DTS-ES sounds better. From what I understand only one is discrete right now. So is the sound switching to 6 or 7 channels?

I know there are many people with processors out there that won't do either of the new formats.

Have any of you heard the Gladiator Vs Phantom Menace (ES v EX)??

just wish I could listen to Gladiator in DTS-ES.....

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