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unRaid File server -> Intel NUC D34010WYK (OpenELEC 3.2.4) -> Sony STR DN840 Receiver (5.1 Energy Take Classic Speaker set up) -> Samsung Un65F8000

Been working fine past month or so after some tweaks (Full RGB, so black was actually black, Harmony remote set up etc). However I tried playing a Blu-Ray rip the other day with DTS-HD MA and I would get no audio. Also sound would not work at all after attempting to play that video for anything until I rebooted the NUC. Attempting to play the video again would have the same affect. Disabling DTS-HD support in the XBMC audio settings makes the movie play fine with DTS showing up on the receiver. I know the receiver supports DTS-HD so I'm not sure what the issue is. Currently working on ripping another video with DTS-HD to see if it has the same issue or not.

Almost thinking of just jumping to OpenELEC 4.0 Gotham builds, but not sure if there is an updated intel driver or something that would fix the DTS-HD issue on 3.2.4? If it's not related to just that one file.

Edit: second movie dts-hd works. Much just be an issue with the first one
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