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I have the panny bd30k hooked up to my pioneer 91txh via hdmi. all of my settings on the player are for bitstream and a few of my discs will not play the DTS-MA track without alot of very loud clicking and sound distortion. i have tried die hard 4, sunshine, old boy, and 28 weeks later (all with dts-ma) without any problems. when i try to play die hard 1 or 3 (didn't try pt 2) with the dts-ma, it makes that horrible noise. any ideas on what it is or a remedy?

i have a hd-a35 hooked up as well to the same receiver and it would never allow me to play the dts-ma without the same noise as described above.

it is odd that i can play it on certain blu-rays and not others.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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