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DTS PlayFi and Definitive Tech connection issues?

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Hi, new member here. Does anyone have any experience that might help me understand why I've had consistent connection issues using PlayFi with my Definitive Studio Micro sound bar? I listen to Pandora and iTunes. Sometimes it won't connect when I turn it on and open the app, other times it might play half a song or less, other times it might work for a couple of hours then drops the connection. It's intermittent and there's no real pattern to the failures. It's 4 years old and I've had the problems on and off since I purchased it, but it got much worse after I installed a Google WiFi mesh system recently. Also the bar works fine with my Smart TV but only with an optical cable; can't get it to work with Bluetooth. It's so unreliable that I'm thinking seriously of trashing it and going back to a wired system i.e. receiver and wired speakers. Any ideas or suggestions? Support from both companies has been severely lacking and I've given up trying. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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