Enveloping sound is a critical part of gaming. Up until now, the only way to get 3D immersive audio from a game has been through DST Arch rival Dolby's Atmos technology. But that's about to change, according to news broken via tweet, and it's just weeks away. Actually, not only does the tweet promise that DTS:X Ultra will be hitting the Xbox One S and Xbox One X soon, it's also coming to PC.

A few days ago, Microsoft audio lead Steven Wilssens
Beyond the tweet, the other big hint that this feature is on its way is the presence of a DTS:X Ultra app in the Microsoft store. It should be noted that the two-star review is only there because the few impatient folks decided to give it a one star review since it's not available to download yet. Life on the Internet goes on...

This can only be a good thing, since DTS and Dolby are akin to Coke and Pepsi in that they are practically a duopoly. This is the yin and yang of entertainment audio, you really need to have both an order for the ecosystem to be healthy.

This development should not be confused with the fact that the Xbox One S and Xbox One X already support DTS:X pass-through when playing back a movie. This is about bringing the 3D immersive audio and object based technology found in DTS:X to the gaming experience. I for one am looking forward to a future where more and more games feature height cues, as well as surround-sound.