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Dtv components question

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I have a Mitsubishi vs-50111. It only has dtv component and and regular component (idk the difference) but my problem is that Comcast upgraded my system and they got rid of the component outputs. So I was wondering I bought a hdmi to components cables. Would it work? I know hdmi its digital and component is analog. But this tv has a dtv component which to my understanding it's a digital component because it has the options of 480p ( and also 1080i).
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The cable box may have some output options for resolution, but the old Mitsu does not. Best you can get is going to be 480P and you have out puts on the box that are analog RCA in red/green/blue that should match up with in puts on the set. Audio well be a red/white pair this is called component audio/video.

There is composite video that is yellow RCA with a red/white audio cable. If the cable box does not have the RGB component out puts get the cable people back and have the install one the does. The only digital audio/video signal at this time is cared over HDMI. There is also a digital audio only coax cable with RCA plugs that the inputs and outputs are orange.
There are no workable hdmi to component cables (those that are, are for special configurations). There are "less than legal" boxes that convert hdmi to component (HDfury and others) as the industry does not official "sanction" them.
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