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DTV Local Network Channel Waiver

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Has anyone in the Portland, OR area received a waiver from local Koin Channel 6 to access CBS Network HD stations?

I've had the Local Network east/west channels since 1999 (I pay a monthly fee), I bought an HR21 so now I can get the local Portland channels in HD except for CBS. I can't get OTA channels because I have a 1,500 foot mountain in front of me that blocks the Portland transmitters, my southern exposure allows me to access DTV. I called DTV and asked them why I can't get local Network HD channels and they told me it was because I already receive SD Local Network channels. The HD channels are not available because of the Federal policy. DTV will be sending a waiver request to KOIN channel 6 for approval. This is the only waiver I can request according to DTV. Since I can receive other HD local channels available where I live. DTV told me it's a one and five chance of getting a waiver.
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