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DTV transponder change?

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I have a Chicago address and also a Fort Wayne residence as well. My at-9 dish in Indiana receives the Local Chicago channels on the 101 satellite. But the H.D. channels only appeared a few times and then seaaching for sat. message. I was told that the H.D. feeds were on the ka band satellite and was a spot beam signal. Now even in the rain channel 2,5,7,9,32 H.D. is perfect. No break-up or low signal and nothing was moved or changed at the dish. What did Direct-tv do to change the footprint or are the Chicago H.D. channels on a new satellite? please help I am confused but very happy. Channel nine sports in H.D. go Cubs!
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So you have a false address to get Chicago locals? The new channels are spot beamed and the new sats allow for tighter beams to keep the locals only over the area they should be at. If you aren't under the beam, you are SOL.
I believe the new satellites have smaller spots than the old ones, so it kind of makes sense you see can see the SD stations, but not the HD ones.
Yeah the new sats have much better control of their spot beams and can be adjusted remotely I believe.
No I do not have a false address in Indiana. And yes the H.D. networks do now come in from Chicago. Direct tv does not carry every channel in that market in H.D. It so just happened that a few weeks ago Fox-36 here is now in H.D. That signal is a challange because the the new transmitter and antenna is not installed yet. Currently at 212 feet with 970 watts of power. The temporary antenna is side tower mounted just above cell antennas. I thank everyone who posts here because of the wealth of knowledge shared here.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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