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There seems to be a lot of debate on this but basically I'm trying to figure out if I should buy a single SVS SB1000 for $625 (Cdn) vs dual Bic F12 $630 (Cdn). Either of these would be shipped to my door. There's also dual NXG 500's which would be approx $700 (Cdn)...but I'd have to drive 4 hrs round trip to pick them up across the boarder.

I'm in Canada (winnipeg) so we simply don't have the options you guys do :(

My room is approx. 1800 cubic feet in my basement theater room.

Size is an issue to a point in that ideally the subs would sit in the front corners of the room behind my mains which gives me about a space about 18" wide by 22" deep. If they went under the screen height would be restricted to 18".

Max budget is a bit higher than these options but not by much and shipping kills almost all other ID options I've looked at (Rythmik, HSU etc).
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