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dual center channels?

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I got lucky and purchased 2 center channels at an auction recently relatively cheaply. I preran two outlets above and below my screen when constructing my screen wall so I could have the option of placing the center either above or below the screen. the centers are a polk cs245 and a BA CR2. the screen is 54" X 96 front projection. Room dimensions are roughly 17 X 25. Receiver is currently a Kenwood KR-V8080. (possible upgrade to a digital AV receiver soon, though). Would it make sense to mount and use both of the centers?
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um, and if I only use one, which one would be better?
No it wouldn't make sense to use both of them... there are technical reasons that I can't explain, hopefully somebody smart will chime in.

Use whichever speaker sounds better. Sounds better includes "sounds just like your main speakers."
I thought, perhaps incorrectly, that having one center on the top and one on the bottom would blend the sound and perhaps give the auditory illusion of creating a more "screen centered" vocal center channel.

I don't know what to do, but my damn brain says it should work :)
the party line is that you will have coumb filtering from the multiple drivers, but i've had as many as three speakers in the center and it seemed to work ok.

i say try it out and let your own ears be the judge.


If you are going to use 2 centers they at least need to be the same. There is something about null nodes or something close to that when you start dealing with 2 centers....and then there are ways to fix the node problem...
I use two different models above and below the screen and it works fine. Just give it a try



If you connect the two centers in parallel, you will half the impedance (assume both are of same impedance). Check your receiver/amp spec to see if it can handle it.
You could use them, but IMO it wouldn't be an improvement over using just one. You might listen to each and decide which blends best with your mains before choosing one. Then sell the other.
if you connecting eitherway series or parallel, it should be observed that providing a lower or higher impedance than the amplifier's specification can lead to damanging levels of current passing through the amplifier. Current flow and temperature of the amplifier output is directly proportional and overall sound pressure will be decrease. This will not be an optimal usage of amplifier's power.
It is interesting that my introduction into "Dolby surround" (not digital) was with a Denon 3020 integrated amp that had two center channels and recommended placing a "center speaker" on each side of the TV to provide a smooth flow (same plane) of sound from one side to the other rather than having the sound go from one front main channel, up (hump) and over the TV and back down to the other front main channel. Hum???
"Hum???" indeed. Bad advice from Denon. The very point of using a centre speaker is so that centre channel information doesn't come from more than one speaker (like the left & right speakers or two centre speakers) in order to avoid things like comb filtering and phantom imaging.

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