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Dual Centers?

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Anyone running dual center channels? I've got a 119" screen and am always looking for a way to upgrade something
Thinking that adding a center above the screen to match the one below it- Martin Logan Fresco.

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Bad idea for many reasons like imaging and phasing problems just to name a couple.
Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the reply. Don't know how/why these ideas on spending more $$$ on the HT just pop up. Nice to have one squashed for a change!

I used to laugh when I read about addictions to audio upgrades... Not anymore

Guess I'll just go buy a second sub

Thanks William!
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Thanks Chris. Searched, but probably didn't use the correct terms. Didn't find a whole lot on why not.
hmm, you're right nothing really came up in my searches either maybe the threads are old. I just recall last time i was able to dig up a few threads pretty easily, none really came up this time.

Basically, you get combing problems unless you perfectly phase align them in the vertical plane, which most people do not do, and then you have to sit right in that plane otherwise things suffer. It's not too different then moving off-axis from an MTM center channel. Though some people do it and claim they can't hear a difference, more power to them but it's not a good idea for critical systems. For crappy systems, HTIB type stuff, sure, but not for high-performance systems.
Search for comb filtering effects. I don't think that the effect is so perceptible, at least on a phantom center, but others disagree.
Thanks guys. Think I'm just going to stay away from it. I'm not disappointed in the performance of the Fresco center right now and I'm running front presence speakers through my Yammy AVR that assist with some dialogue lift that help out. Read on another forum about some guy doing it and though, humm... why not?
Setting up a new amp today and thought it would naturally be a good time to add it if I were going to.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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