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Ok here it goes!

I bought new Terk Oval with triple LNB but it did not work due to obstruction.

Went with dual oval dish, dual lnb option dish 1 pointing at SAT 101 and dish 2 pointing at SAT 119. I am now able to get very good signal on both birds.

I was adviced to get the best SPAUN SMS 5400 multiswitch for best HDTV solution. It has 5 inputs 2 for SAT A, 2 for SAT B, and one for off the air.

When I connect the two SAT B (119) to the switch I get good signal and picture, but when I cannect either (101) lead to to SAT A I get no signal on both or only every other transponder on SAT A.

I've tried very configuration possible. Nothing works. Individually they work fine with great signal!

Pelase help:confused:
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