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Dual ED a5s-300's versus Dual PB-NSD10's

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I was curious on anybody's thoughts on these choices! Because of size restrictions it came down to these two. I would think the two SVS subs would

have more output but the sealed Ed's would probably go lower! Any thoughts would be appreciated.

BTW they will be in a cabinet!
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Personally, I would go for the ED subs. Either will sound fine though. The Ed subs might give up a little output, but they will still sound good, and will probably have better SQ than the PB10, not to mention the size factor. It also probably won't have as steep of a rolloff.
I was also thinking about two a2-300's. I figure they would have more output at the tuning frequency but not below!
When comparing the A5S-300 to the A2-300, its pretty comparable above 30hz, but from 18hz and down, the A5S-300 really gives you more output from the lower roll off rate.

It really comes down to what you are looking for. Do you want more peak output, or better SQ and a smaller enclosure?
Definitely enclosure size is an issue! If they have the same output above

30 hertz than i think i would go with the dual a5s-300's because the sealed enclosure will have better SQ right? Thanks for your input Alex.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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