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Dual Gigabit NIC Card

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Does it make sense to install one of these types of cards in your media server? For my specific application its a home server and a web server now (use remote potato to stream to my evo and my work pc)
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I've had no issues streaming three concurrent HD (mix of 1080i and 720p) streams from my NAS with it's single on-board Gb NIC.

Unless you get the dual Gb NIC at basically the same price as a decent Intel PROSet Gb NIC I wouldn't bother.
Only if you are running a B&B and a dozen rooms can be accessing your server at the same time.

Unless you are running some kind of a special high performance disk or disk array, the bottleneck is likely going to be the drives rather than the network connection. A single gigabit network will deliver about 120MB/s of continuous throughput if the rest of the server can keep up, which most can't.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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